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Crocoblock Terms of Use

Before using our products and services, carefully read Crocoblock Terms of Use (“Terms”) and Privacy Policy. Your purchase of any Crocoblock products assumes that you have read and agreed to our Terms. You agree to provide accurate information while creating accounts at and
License Terms
General information
We provide two types of subscriptions – Yearly and Lifetime.
The Yearly subscription includes:
  • A Single Plugin subscription (for One or an Unlimited number of websites). You are free to purchase the standalone plugin, but it’s still a subscription package, which needs to be renewed in a year.
  • A Custom subscription. Add the needed plugins to the cart, select the number of projects, and pay for the selected plugins. This type of subscription would be renewed as a whole set. This means you can’t choose which plugins to prolong from a Custom subscription.
  • The All-Inclusive Yearly subscription (for One or Unlimited websites). It gives access to all JetPlugins (including JetFormBuilder Pro addons), dynamic templates, design templates, and interactive popups for one year.
All the plans represented above come with support and product updates till your subscription plan is active.
Freelance Lifetime allows you to activate 500 websites and the All-Inclusive Lifetime subscription grants you unlimited access. Both Lifetime packages give you access to all Crocoblock products and updates, pre-made templates, and customer support forever at a fixed one-off payment.
Using a license key on a local server counts as 1 License activation (except these domains: localhost,,,, .dev, .local, dev., staging.). But you can change the domain after website transfer from the local server. There are 2 ways to change domain license activation: via Dashboard during Crocoblock installation, deactivating the local domain; via Dashboard in License tab.
We reserve the right to pause your subscription if we suspect any doubtful activity (like a huge number of newly created websites). Before pausing, we may request a list of domains where the license key was used. If your subscription was paused, please contact support for any details. There are very few such cases, but it’s done only for security and protection against data theft.
If you want to grant access to any websites created by you, make sure to use subkeys. This is a way to protect your license from being stolen.
We can change our prices at any time. Existing clients shouldn’t pay any fees, pricing changes apply only to new clients.
License upgrades & renewals
If you want to upgrade to All-Inclusive Yearly or All-Inclusive Lifetime, just go to your dashboard, choose Crocoblock -> Upgrade, the difference will be automatically counted. You’ll pay only the differences between the two plans. Upgrading does not mean your subscription will be prolonged.
For instance, you purchased a plan on March, 25th 2020. Two days before its expiration, on March 23d 2021, you upgraded the subscription. Your license won’t be renewed. Your License will be automatically renewed if your card is valid and has enough money, and your License Key is still active.
All discounts and subscription differences applied at the initial purchase are a one-time privilege and will not count for further renewals.
Prohibited uses
When using Crocoblock products, you accept not to:
  • Resell any plugin or subscription
  • Include Crocoblock plugins to any Hosting plans, Themes & Plugins packages, or bundles (not applied to Official Partnerships, feel free to contact [email protected])
  • Share or publish your access to Crocoblock account, license or credentials publicly (for instance, forums/websites/social media, etc.)
  • Violate any laws or regulations
  • Break any intellectual rights
  • Make any Crocoblock products accessible for downloading (violate GPL 2.0)
Crocoblock has 30 days from the purchase’s date, refund system.
Refund and Cancellation
To submit a refund request, go to your personal Crocoblock account and press the Refund button, or write a request to the Support team via chat or ticket. This is the one and only way to refund your purchase (Pro Rata Refund isn’t available). In the case you buy 2 or more plugins via a Custom subscription, we can’t refund one of the plugins.
We don’t repay or cover:
  • Your bank fees
  • Exchange rates difference
  • Tax fees
You’ll receive refunded funds within 30 business days.
You can cancel the Crocoblock subscription in your personal account, so any recurring charges wouldn’t be made.
Technical Support
Crocoblock provides support only to existing, valid Licenses via chats, tickets, or Zoom calls. Support agents can ask for your License key and purchase email. If the License key and purchase email don’t match, support wouldn’t be provided.
In case the customer specifies a subkey, the support will be provided only if the following key is verified via purchase email.
Our company is dedicated to professional and polite customer treatment. Both parties are expected to adhere to bilateral norms and requirements outlined in our policies. We commit to responding in a timely manner to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible in accordance with our published policies and terms of service.
Do not use any harassing, hurtful, abusive, insulting, aggressive, or offensive lexicon during communication with a Support agent. In case of breaking this term, the Support agent should warn the client about unacceptable behavior, and close the chat, ticket, or call if nothing changes.
You can opt for support in case of:
  • Facing issues with Crocoblock products, bought on websites only with valid product license. For example, you purchased JetEngine plugin, but ask support for JetTabs; as you see JetTabs plugin is not a part of your valid license, so we are not able to support it.
  • Difficulties with Crocoblock products’ functionalities
  • Pre-sale questions before purchasing
Please check frequently asked questions, troubleshooting, knowledge base, YouTube guides, and the Facebook community before contacting support.
Support Agencies can refuse product maintenance, in case no purchase email is found.
To speed up the processing of resolving the issue in tickets or chats, please consider providing the following information in a private ticket or chat:
  • website’s address (URL)
  • admin user role login credentials (username and password)
  • FTP access (phpMyAdmin, cPanel, etc.)
  • permission to activate/deactivate your plugins and switch the theme
  • a link to the page where the issue has occurred
  • a detailed description of the issue, as well as screenshots capturing the issue.
Support privacy concerns
Support agents can ask for website credentials to solve or check any issues you may have. We recommend always sharing only staging websites, and changing login details after your request is resolved. We also encourage you to back up your wordpress website, so you`ll be able to return to a proven and secure version if something goes wrong.
Support policy for JetPlugins included in third-party themes
The Support Services do not cover products that are supplied by Third-Party themes. Due to the non-profit partnership with Monstroid, Zemez, and Rockthemes theme developers, JetPlugins could be a part of their themes.
In case of any issues with the license and/or plugin updates, kindly contact the theme developers’ support (Monstroid and Zemez) first.
We neither provide the updated plugin versions to the customers nor install them to their sites directly given that those plugins were included in Jupiter or Jupiter X themes, Monster One subscription. The support team strictly follows this policy.
If there are any compatibility issues, the agents would switch the theme to the Elementor Hello theme. Once the products start working fine with this theme, the support agents would ask the customer to contact the third-party theme developers.
Please note that we are not developers of the aforementioned products, therefore, we can’t provide tech support for the issues that are non-related to JetPlugins.
If purchased JetPlugins as a part of the Envato subscription, the technical support is no longer provided as per the subscription terms. In case of issues with the plugin updates, we send the latest versions of the plugins’ (that were originally included in the Envato subscription plan) only if a valid license is provided (i.e. purchase ID).
Zoom сalls support policy
Cases we cover through video calls:
  • you are working on the localhost, and there is no way to provide full access to the website to our support team;
  • you are working with the issue, which is difficult to explain in the tickets or chat, and it is necessary to share the screen;
  • you can not provide the credentials due to the policy or any other security reason and it is better to share the screen.
Video calls’ duration is set to 20 minutes. In case the issue takes longer than 20 minutes, or some questions remain unanswered during the call, please create a ticket in order to carry on the communication with the support agent. We highly recommend preparing the questions beforehand to make the call more productive. Please note, we are not solving billing issues via Zoom calls.
Request not covered by Crocoblock Support
  • no valid purchase email provided
  • the license is expired, canceled, or refunded
  • there’s a compatibility issue with a third-party product
  • the server or website’s parameters don’t meet the recommended requirements necessary for Crocoblock products to work
  • browser issues
  • the question asked is not related to Crocoblock products
  • additional customization, custom CSS, and functionality not provided by Crocoblock products (in this case, adding a feature request or asking Facebook Community is recommended).
Anti-fraud Verification
In case of suspicious client purchases, we make manual anti-fraud checkups. It takes up to 20 minutes, or longer in case of more detailed investigations. Anti-fraud verification happens to prevent unsolicited use of credit cards. Even if the credit card was accepted by the merchant system we keep the right for our own anti-fraud verification. In all cases of fraudulent activity online it is always the vendor who suffers the loss.
Therefore, we’re asking you to send us a photo of your passport/driver’s license or credit/debit card for security reasons because of a growing number of unauthorized transactions. You may cover all the digits except the last 4 on the card so it is totally secure for you to send it.
You can take a digital photo with the web, digital, or cell phone camera. Please note that we do not accept scanned documents. We can accept only high-quality photos. It is one-time verification, so all your next purchases with the same card will be processed without any delays.
You may find third-party links, user-generated content, and opinions on / websites. All user-generated content solely represents authors’ thoughts and opinions that don’t reflect our position. We may include affiliate/referral links to third-party websites. In case you choose to follow such links and make a purchase on the affiliated third-party website, we may be entitled to a referral commission.
Affiliate Sales
Each Crocoblock product participates in our affiliate program. It means affiliates receive the commission for each unique sale from referring the client. There are no additional fees for customers.
Crocoblock reserves the right to change and edit terms and conditions without notification.
Last Update: Aug 29, 2022